Trap cycle Instagram Video Promo for Cycle Elan

Atlanta Videographer Reel Cool Filmz

Trap Cycle – A high energy calorie burning mixture of Trap music (made famous by Southern Rap Artists) Spin / Cycling exercise.  So if you love to cycle and can’t resist the thumping bass drive of Trap Music, definitely check out Trap Cycle at Cycle Elan.  The atmosphere was so energetic that it felt more like a party than an workout class.

Even while filming I had to catch myself from “head nodding” to the beat.

45 Second Instagram playable Video Promo for Cycle Elan in Smyrna GA. Trapcycle featuring Nicstyle was a fun shoot!

Equipment Used:
Canon 80D –
Canon 50mm 1.8 –
Beholder DS1 Gimbal –