Canon 80D 24mm Slow Motion Lip Sync test at 60FPS

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Slow Motion Lip Sync

Weekend fun with high speed lip sync and slow motion lip sync… Now if only I knew the words lol!

For the first part the audio track was slowed down by 50%. The lip syncing footage was captured at 24fps. When dropping the footage on the timeline in Premiere the speed was increased by 200% to sync with the real time audio.

The second part was harder, based on math that I learned from watching YCIMAGING (phenomenal videographer) I had to import the audio into Adobe Audition and time/stretch compress it to 39%, which in reality is practically doubling the playback speed. Then lip sync to it at 60FPS on my Canon 80D. I had to find a song in the 70 – 80 BPM range otherwise it would be near impossible to lip sync to when you recording at 60FPS.

Awesome Music by the Daniel Ceasar – Get you

Equipment used:
Canon 80D –
Canon 24mm EFS Lens – B
eholder DS1 Gimbal –