Girls EYBL Nike Elite Basketball


Nike Elite Basketball

It was a privilege to witness the hustle and grind on the part of these young ladies, many whom I wouldn’t be surprised to see in the WNBA. The workout session for Team Elite Hubbard is the real deal! The work ethic is not for the feint of heart.

Nike Elite basketball is an awesome program for both young men and ladies. Always great to see the youth involved with a positive activity not just physically, but mentally as the EYBL indoctrinates the fundamental values and thought process you need to succeed on the Basketball court.

If you have an opportunity, go see the Girls EYBL Nike Elite team do their thing!

Music Mashup Mixed by ReelCoolFilmz – Featuring NAS, Lil’ Wayne and Joe Budden
Equipment used:
Canon 5d Mark IV –
Canon 50mm 1.8 –
Beholder DS1 Gimbal –