Pancakes And Booze


The Pancakes and Booze Art Show

A few highlights from the 2018 Pancakes and Booze Art Show that I had the privilege of experiencing.  I’m so happy I decided to bring my camera with me!

Special shout out to my artist brother Jay Thomas II who invited me to the art exhibit.  This is definitely a good look if you are wanting to impress on a date night!

Pancakes, Booze and Art are an awesome combo!

The culture and vibe is fantastic.  The gallery featured artists from all genre’s, nations, tribes and peoples.  Artistic talent knows no discrimination.

Pancakes and Booze - Jay Thomas II

I believe Art is one of those fundamental elements of the universe along with Love, Mathematics and Music.  It unites.

Pancakes and Booze is the premiere pop up art gallery.  Be sure to check their calendar for when they are in your city!